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Garage Conversion

It's all about making the most of the space you already have these days. Our client had a single car garage that they wanted to convert into additional living space, or to use their words, a "chill, creative hangout zone". Our goal was to lighten the room significantly, add ample storage and create a minimalist, organic style with the finishes. The garage was dark with bare cement floors and unfinished walls so this was an enormous transformation. Our construction team insulated and drywalled the entire space, then added two closets and a wall of cabinetry for storage. We opted for bright white walls and brought some earthy tones in via the sage green cabinets and luxury waterproof laminate flooring. Finally, to bring texture into the space, we added brick tiles with a heavy white mortar wash to what used to be a bare cinderblock wall. The door will be replaced eventually with the second phase of their remodel so we opted to wait on painting it - otherwise every inch of the space has been updated. We're in love with the calm and inviting vibe of this new space and our client is thrilled to have an additional living space without adding a costly addition on the home.

Budget Bedroom Styling

At Greyhouse we truly believe your home can be beautiful at any budget. For this bedroom makeover we had a tight budget to work with but we didn't sacrifice on an ounce of style. When we started this project the room had muddy gray walls and off white trim. A simple coat of paint made all the difference here. The moody green walls pop against the bright white linens, and we added texture through the throw pillows and blankets. Despite the small budget we were able to take this room from 'blah' to modern, welcoming and chic.