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Mood Board // No Demo Bathroom Updates

There has been a ton of discussion about home functionality in the Paskach household lately. We purchased and moved into this home just over a year ago during the very beginning of the pandemic with a newborn baby in tow, so we have spent a LOT of time at home (haven't we all though?). Although our home is 3 bedrooms, the layout is a little... wonky. The third bedroom is in the back of the house in an addition (that we've recently discovered is unpermitted... joy) and you can only access it through the mudroom/laundry room. Not a very inviting 'flow' for our guests and/or eventually a second bebe.

All that said, we adore this home. We have a very large lot for our proximity to downtown and the location is unbeatable. So we're determined to make this spot work! Realistically we're going to need a considerable addition. Our plan (I use the word 'plan' veeery loosely here, we haven't even met with a contractor yet) is to take off the sketchy addition and replace it with a larger one. The ideal state would be adding a primary suite (bed + bath), two additional bedrooms, a bathroom and a mudroom with laundry. An addition like this would truly transform the functionality of our home.

While this all sounds lovely and exciting, and it is, the real real is that we're not ready to make that kind of financial commitment. Spoiler alert: construction is expensive AF. So in the meantime we'll continue to dream and plan, as well as make updates to the spaces already in place. Which brings me to the mood boards below. There's a very outdated bathroom in our hallway that likely will be torn out when we do this major renovation. Because of this I'm not too keen to spend money on hard finishes to fix it (tile, vanity, etc.). At the same time, it may be years before we do this major renovation and I don't want to live with the nineties monotone off white look (think lots of linoleum and melemime...). So what's a girl to do?

Ah, saved the power of paint and decor. While it's nice to do a full gut and remodel, it's truly amazing what a difference some paint and thoughtfully selected decor can do! Below are three different designs that anyone can implement, even if you're renting. The most construction you'll need to do is swap out a light fixture. The wonderful thing about lighting and decor is the fact that it's removable! So when you decide to do a full bathroom remodel or you move to a new rental, those beautiful pieces you invested in can come with or be reused.

After creating the designs below I feel energized about updating our hall bath and showing you just how powerful styling can be. More to come! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the mood boards; all sources are linked below. Let yourself get inspired to update some spaces of your own with fresh decor!

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