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Tween Bedroom Makeover

This project was such a fun one to be a part of! Our client wanted to overhaul her daughter's bedroom so she could have a special space in their home to call her own. Upon meeting the sweet tween, I asked her what she loved and how she wanted the room to feel. The highlights were pink, gold, elephants, reading and a room that felt both calm and happy. Love it!

The room before had great bones. The white shelves and neutral wall color were a great base to work with. The biggest pain points for our clients were the layout and the color scheme. While the room had some good furniture pieces to start with (we ended up refinishing and reusing the dresser!), the bed was eating up most of the floor space. Additionally there were several brightly colored decor pieces that not longer fit the vibe she was going for. Here are a few before snaps:

Now the trick to all of this was to incorporate the things she loved while still making the room feel elevated. If I went too hard on the pink and gold tones the room would feel young, which in about two to three years I imagined she wouldn't be too excited about. So to achieve an age-appropriate yet timeless look I used more subtle tones of pink and gold (soft, dusty pinks and brass) and balanced those out with neutral tones of white and taupe/beige. I also layered in lots of texture to give the room depth - a faux leather chair, velvet curtains, jute table lamp, vintage-inspired rug, etc. Bringing in a loft bed created a ton of extra space, including a special reading nook with twinkle lights. It's so inviting in here now!

Without further adieu, here's how the project turned out (please excuse my very amateur iphone photos):

How do you like this project? This was my first time designing for someone in the tween age group and it was such a blast. We are so lucky to work with amazing clients like this family. Projects like this remind me just how much I love what I do. Leave a comment with any questions or feedback on the project!

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