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OVTB | Textured Living Room

Guys - I just can't quit the green! I tried my best to use a different color for the sofa in this living room design but when I saw that Maria sofa from Rove Concepts it was game over. At least I'm consistent? #itried

I went into creating this living room design wanting to use tons of texture and more rounded shapes, giving the space a very organic feel. Both rooms have a calm, welcoming vibe that just makes you want to plop down on the sofa and chat with good friends. The highlight for me in both designs are the sofas - the big budget sofa is so sleek and is the perfect sagey-olive green, while the small budget sofa has the most amazing scalloped wood detail. Although they share very similar styles, they are WILDLY different in price... over a $10k difference! Isn't that bananas? Just goes to show your home can be beautiful at any budget. Hope you enjoy this textured living room situation - let me know what you think!

Big Budget

TOTAL: $13,895

Small Budget

TOTAL: $3,560

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