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Paint n' Pillows

Happy Monday friends! Recently I had two different friends ask for advice: one was about a good source for throw pillows, the other for my favorite white paints. Are these related? Not really. So do they belong in the same blog post? Probably not. But hey, at least I know this post will help two people! Here are some of my favorite pillow sources and favorite white paints based on my experience.

Favorite White Paints

Simply White is my all-time favorite white paint. In general Benjamin Moore paints are my go-to; I always seem to fine the perfect color with BM and their Regal Select paint goes on so smoothly (and it's low-VOC!). Simply White is a perfect 'middle ground' white. Not too warm, not too cold, and works in both modern and traditional homes. You really can't go wrong with this white paint!

Chantilly Lace is another fantastic BM white paint. We're currently using this in our kitchen; the back splash tile we've used is a bright white and needed a cooler, modern white to stand up to it. Chantilly Lace has a very slight gray undertone, making it ideal for modern spaces or areas that need a bright white.

Fresh Kicks is not a white paint I've used personally, however I've seen it used numerous times on Instagram and wowza, it's a beaut (as all Clare Paints seem to be). A true bright white, Fresh Kicks would work well in modern spaces that boast a lot of natural light. Extra wonderful about Clare Paint: they're all no-VOC and it's a black- and woman-owned business!

Westhighland White is a warm white from Sherwin Williams that's ideal for more traditional or transitional spaces. We used Westhighland White on the exterior of our current home. I love that it doesn't feel too sterile/bright (our home was built in 1905 so a bright white would have looked a bit out of place) but it's not too yellow.

Here are a few other whites that I haven't tried personally but have heard wonderful things about:

Alabaster - Sherwin Williams

Swiss Coffee - Benjamin Moore

Decorator's White - Benjamin Moore

Aesthetic White - Sherwin Williams


Pillow Sources

The accessories in your home can elevate your space tremendously. By the same token they can just as easily cheapen it unfortunately (ex: a 'Live Laugh Love' sign. Pure death to sophistication.). To create a chic and high quality look in your space, I highly recommend buying pillow cases and using down inserts. There's a richness to the weight and heavy shape of a down pillow: it will immediately make your space feel more elevated. Cotton stuffed pillows aren't always a bad idea (I'm leaning against one on my couch as we speak) but make sure you incorporate a few down pillows along with your other ones. I promise it will transform the look of your sofa or bed!

Here are a few of my top sources for gorgeous throw pillows:

I hope you enjoy these sources as much as I do! With so many options for everything these days, I know I always love a recommendation from a friend. Make it a fantastic week everyone :)

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