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The Garage Conversion Project

After months of hard work, the garage conversion project is complete! Let's take a walk down memory lane shall we?

Our client reached out to us about creating an additional living space out of their single car garage. When we saw the garage we instantly knew it had a ton of potential, but as you can see it was very dark and unfinished so it wasn't going to be a small feat. Our goal for this space was to create a bright, welcoming 'chill zone' for our client. He wanted a minimalist vibe, while still incorporating our signature organic modern feel.

Here's how it turned out!

Our construction team started by framing out the new walls and adding two closets for additional storage. We moved to drywall, flooring, and trim, then gave the entire space a coat of modern bright white paint (client opted to not paint the door as it may be updated in a future phase of the remodel). We also added a wall of cabinetry to create even more storage, as well as a countertop workspace. Custom cabinetry wasn't a priority for this project so we opted for prefab cabinets from Lowes. I'll be frank with you though... I wouldn't do these again. They're made of oak, which is very solid wood, but the wood grain is intense. We spent a lot of time and labor filling in the grain, sanding, refilling, etc to make the cabinets look beautiful, and in the end they were gorgeous, but for the amount of time we invested we probably could have gone custom and spent the same amount of money. Lesson learned!

The flooring is a wide plank luxury laminate. Personally I love laminate flooring. I know there is a negative stigma with laminate and the cheap stuff is, in fact, cheap. But if you spend a little extra money on quality laminate flooring I think it's one of the best options for a busy household. It holds up so well to heavy traffic - we personally struggle with scratches from big dog paws at our house. This laminate is 12mm thick so it feels quiet and substantial underfoot (I wouldn't recommend getting anything less than 10mm thick). Additionally the matte wood grain finish makes it look so realistic; you could easily mistake it for real wood! This laminate is also waterproof and made from recycled materials so it's a win win all around.

The back of the chimney was exposed in this room so we had to do something to spruce it up. Call me crazy but cinderblocks don't really give off the organic modern vibe. We opted for brick tiles with a heavy white mortar wash on top. This gave the room a ton of texture but also made the chimney a more subtle feature in the space.

Overall we're incredibly proud of how this space turned out. Selfishly I'm excited that I finally got to do green cabinets somewhere, but more importantly we're grateful that our client trusted us to run with the design and transform this space. I'd love to hear what you think of the transformation, leave a comment below! Thanks friends!

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