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Mood Board // Nursery

Oh, the nursery. A room we put tens of hours into creating, only to have your baby not sleep in there for months. Am I right, or am I right?

I'm a little embarrassed to admit we still haven't finished Olivia's nursery. We're missing bookshelves, we still need to hang art, there's old blue carpet... I mean it's not bad, but it's certainly not what I had dreamed of all those months she was in my belly. To be fair, we were in the middle of a live in remodel while I was pregnant, then bought and moved in to a new fixer upper the week she was born. And on top of that we both work full time. Oh and a global pandemic hit. You know now that I see this on paper I'm starting to feel a little more grace for myself on why we have a half-finished nursery... Nevertheless she is one now (HOW) and I'd like to get it together before she turns 17.

So what sparked this nursery design? I happened across Rebel Walls on Instagram and oh my goodness THEY ARE SO COOL. Rebel Walls offers gorgeous mural wallpaper that transforms rooms into anything from a wild forest to a European castle. The mural featured here caught my eye; moody, floral, and green, right up my alley. Originally I had designed this nursery simply because the mural sparked my imagination, but now that I have it all mocked up I kind of want to do this for our own nursery!

My goal for this room was to make it whimsical and fun, while chic at the same time. I feel strongly that having a baby does NOT mean you have to give up style in your home. Your home can be functional and fun for your little one without looking like a daycare center!

Here is my design:

Once I selected the primary pieces (crib, wallpaper, rug, dresser), I got to imagining how I would style and accessorize the space. I opted for muted yellows and pinks to compliment the wall mural and add some depth and character. Also nursery or not, I'm pretty sure I need this life-like standing stuffed flamingo in my life. All sources are below if you feel the same. Enjoy!

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