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Our No-Demo Budget Bathroom Makeover

If you follow me over on the 'gram you know that Brendan and I have been hard at work on updating a two unit property we bought back in December. This home was an off-market purchase from some lovely friends-of-friends. The previous owners took fantastic care of the home... in fact, Brendan and I were a little out of sorts because there were so few true 'renovation' projects needed (flooring, tile, windows, etc.). We're renting one unit out as an Airbnb so it was just a matter of updating the paint and getting it furnished.

So we snapped our fingers and poof! The house was ready.

...said no one who has done a remodel, ever.

Although the home was in fantastic condition it was in dire need of paint. Everywhere. Every. Surface. I am not exaggerating when I say we painted every surface except the floors. Now usually this wouldn't be a huge challenge but Brendan and I were on a very tight budget to create this rental. We've recently launched into self-employment and while we absolutely love it, it has caused us to be very judicious with our spending. It's a little scary not getting a paycheck when that's all you've known for 17+ years of working! So we had to get creative here and do a LOT of DIY.

Which leads me to our rental bathroom. The tile is in good condition but brown tile was not my ideal choice (shocker). Despite Brendan's amazing tiling skills for labor, we simply did not have the budget or time to rip out the old tile and start fresh. We hope to do so down the line but for now, we had to work with what we have.

Here was the real challenge: the vanity countertop. The material is granite, which is a lovely stone especially for heavy traffic areas like a bathroom, however this granite has a heave mix of brown and yellow. My immediate reaction was to rip it out but agin, we had way too tight of a budget for that. However, the more time I spent looking at the granite I became confident we could find paint colors that would mellow it out.

We started with the same bright white paint on the walls that we've used throughout the house - Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. For the vanity cabinets I tried several options. Originally I started with olive green paints but quickly realized I needed a paint color with cooler undertones to pull out the gray in the countertop, hence balancing out the yellow.

*Storm Could Gray by Benjamin Moore enters the chat*

This gorgeous gray has a heavy green and blue influence; it's beautiful on it's own but I lightened it by 25% as I wanted the bathroom to feel light and spa-like. The outcome is exactly what I imagined in my head!

From there we replaced the mirror and vanity light, added new cabinet hardware and dressed the room up with some fresh decor and here we are. Presenting our completed short term rental bathroom!

Do we love?! I'm so pleased with how this bathroom turned out. Overall this rental makeover has given me significantly more confidence in using color (well, earthy muted colors at least). I thought I was a neutrals-only gal but now I can't stop thinking about how I can incorporate more color into our home!

And for the real win: this bathroom makeover only cost $675! Isn't that incredible? I recognize for some people that may be a lot of money right now, don't get me wrong. But in the scheme of bathroom makeovers that's a low budget for such a big transformation. My splurge in this room was definitely the vanity light. I used this vanity light in our flip as well and just can't get enough of it. It's a little spendy so if you swapped this light for something more affordable it would drastically reduce the budget.

The Airbnb is now live and we're hosting guests, hallelujah! Thanks for following along and allowing me to share our progress with you!

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