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OVTB | Organic Modern Living Room

Whether you've got tens of thousands or a few hundred dollars, I promise you can can make your home stylish at any budget. Introducing One Vibe Two Budgets, a series where I'll create two designs with a very similar style/vibe, but at two very different budgets.

First up is an Organic Modern living room. The inspiration for this design came from our own living room - we're in the market for a new, light colored sofa. So I started with the sofa and rug, then it took off from there. The goal in these rooms was to create inviting spaces by adding lots of texture and use earthy, warmer colors. I hope you find some pieces you love for your own living rooms! All the products are linked below. Happy designing my friends!

Big Budget:

TOTAL: $11,466

Small Budget:

TOTAL: $3,032

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